Majority of Victims From One Beauregard Neighborhood

Krystal Garrett Lost Mother, Father, Brother, Cousins and Close Neighbors

One Beauregard neighborhood was decimated by Sunday’s Tornado.

Beauregard High graduate Krystal Garrett told First News Lee Road 39 has always been home.

“Yeah this was a family street so most of the people on this street who died were my family members , people related to us even if they weren’t immediate family. We were all related,” Krystal Garrett said. Garrett lost her Mother, Father, Brother, Cousins and close neighbors after the EF4 Tornado ripped through their community.

They were all home this past Sunday.

Her parents , brother and his two children had no idea they were seconds from disaster.

“My parents and their dad were in the living room talking. They didn’t think it was gonna be anything to this extent so what they remember is going up in the air in the house and then after that they blacked out. Both of my nephews woke up across the street from where the house was um beside each other,” Garrett said.

Her nephews very last memory of their dad and grandparents was one horrific moment in time.

“The youngest one remembers seeing my mom and his dad and my dad. He said I saw them fly away.”

38 year old Eric Stenson, Florel and Henry Stenson were three of seven family members who perished.

Since the tragedy, Krystal Garrett says she knows exactly what they would want her to do.

“My brother was the best big brother ever. He loved his boys and he and my mom both told me if anything ever happens to me please watch out for the boys,” Garrett said.

Garrett has set up a go fund me account to help with her nephews who are recovering from critical injuries but she says the survivors need more than money to make it through.

“I just ask that people pray for us because we need strength and guidance right now. this is a tremendous, just shocking life changing event that I would have never thougth would happen to me in a million years, never.”





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