Severe Weather Threat Returns

Cold Start Thursday

The last in the series of cold nights is upon us.   A few high clouds will mix with the sun Thursday, but as the wind starts to shift directions our cold start will finally give way to a milder afternoon.

A warm front moving through on Friday will aid in the development of more clouds, but it will also aid in the development of higher humidity this weekend.

While a thunderstorm may develop as early as Saturday afternoon, the core of heavy storms may hold off until Saturday evening or night.   There are still uncertainties in the strength of this next storm, as well as timing.  However, the threat of severe weather with damaging wind gusts is real.   A tornado is also possible.    An extra added wrinkle if the severe storms strike Saturday after dark is the prospect that we will not be able to see the darkening skies approaching.   That is reason enough to stay tuned to WLTZ on air, and online throughout this event.

Heavy storms can easily linger into part of Sunday, although it may not be an all day affair, so everyone needs to once again have precautions taken and stay abreast of the changing weather this weekend.

On a side note, this weekend is also daylight savings time, so clocks “spring forward” one hour Sunday morning.

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