Auburn University Prepares for New Engineering Labs & Buildings Set to Open in 2021

Auburn University is constructing a $83 million Academic Classroom and Laboratory Complex (ACLC) project.

According to the University, it will be a 151,000 square-foot building with a total seating capacity of 2,000 students in 20 adaptable classroom/laboratories, six engaged active student learning (EASL) classrooms and five lecture halls.

University officials said the adaptable classroom/laboratories are designed to provide spaces that can operate as either a laboratory or a classroom, as needed, on a semester-to-semester basis.

When completed, university officials said the ACLC will increase the amount of EASL space on campus by 40% and offer the second largest collection of instructional space on campus, second to Haley Center.

Construction of the ACLC building will begin after the demolition of Allison Laboratory and is scheduled to be complete during Summer 2021.

Upon completion of the new ACLC building, Parker Hall will be demolished. Demolition is scheduled to be complete Spring 2022.

Also, Auburn University is constructing a $22 million Advanced Structural Testing Laboratory.

The 41,500-square-foot facility will include a high bay laboratory with engineered floors and walls capable of handling extreme structural testing loads; a geotechnical test chamber; a concrete materials research and testing laboratory; a wind testing facility and faculty and graduate student spaces, according to the University.

University officials also say the 4,700-cubic-foot geotechnical test chamber is a unique feature — one of the few across the nation included in a university laboratory. It will allow students and faculty to conduct testing that has only been possible in the field until now on structures such as foundations, anchorages and towers. In addition, the wind testing facility will allow replication of the dynamic wind loads induced by hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme wind events on large-scale specimens.

This lab also set to open in 2021.

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