Another Night; Another Freeze Warning

Temp Turnaround Later This Week

Clear skies will bridge the gap between sun-filled days through Thursday.   However, without a blanket of cloud cover during the nighttime hours, it will remain quite cold.   A hard freeze is likely over most of the region by daybreak Wednesday, followed by a chilly afternoon.   The only change is that the wind will no longer be gusty; something to keep in mind for the ongoing cleanup and recovery efforts.

Thursday will start off almost as cold as Wednesday, but the afternoon hours will not be as harsh.

Milder weather is back Friday onward.  However, it comes at a price.   The initial price will be an increase in cloud cover Friday.   Eventually, there will be another dose of showers and thunderstorms.   There can be a stray thundershower late Saturday, but the core of wet weather may hold off until later Saturday night through the first half of Sunday.   Although any thunderstorm can be accompanied by winds near 40 mph, it will not be a repeat to this past Sunday.      Daylight savings time also kicks in this Sunday, so remember to “spring forward”.

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