Murder Suspect Smiles At Grieving Family

Vickie Perez Charged After Shooting John Allport

A murder suspect appeared all smiles during a probable cause hearing in Recorder’s Court.

The lead homicide detective testified in halting detail how he was struck by Vickie Perez’s demeanor immediately following the shooting and that she “showed absolutely no remorse”.

As promised accused killer Vickie Perez Chavez appeared with prominent criminal defense attorney Stacey Jackson by her side for a probable cause hearing initially scheduled last week.

Her family created a Go Fund Me account shortly after the shooting but only a hundred of twenty thousand requested had been raised at the time of the court hearing.

Attorney Jackson took notes as the lead investigator told the judge the couple was just recently romantically involved though they had known each other for thirty years.

Allport’s ex wife shared an eerie, decades old photo depicting the friends during happier days when they were with their significant others at that time.

The detective said though the pair planned to move into the house on Tip Top Drive , it was completely empty, no furniture inside when police were called to the crime scene .

Vickie Perez had just calmly called 911 to report the shooting.

A detective told the Judge the murder victim was on the phone during the dispute.

According to that witness, Allport was cowering in the closet and was attempting to make his way out of the window to safety.

Allport allegedly told Perez “don’t shoot me, don’t do that” when a single shot was fired.

The suspect reportedly told Police Allport was breaking into the house through the window but officers said you can’t “break into your own home”.¬†

That witness on the phone with Allport at the time of the shooting attempted to tell the court how Perez was shopping for a pain doctor hours prior to the shooting but Jackson abruptly shut down his testimony offering to get information through discovery.

Jackson’s client appeared completely unphased during the court proceeding

Family members  of the victim enraged by her continued nonchalant appearance.

That suspect again showing no emotion in fact smiled as the victim’s grieving daughter was led out of the courtroom.

Perez will remain in the Muscogee County Jail for now pending her next hearing in front of a Superior Court Judge.


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