Scholar Athlete: Smiths Station Football/Track & Field, Chad Strickland

At the beginning of this month, Smiths Station senior Chad Strickland signed his letter of intent to play football for Eastern Illinois.

“It feel’s great especially because at the beginning, many coaches had not been reaching out to me, but then all of the sudden in January coaches started reaching out to me, a lot of them did,” says Smiths Station senior Chad Strickland.

A few things that made him standout to scouts, besides his size, was his 3.95 GPA, the fact that hes’s a two sport athlete, a member of the National Honor Society, BETA club, and is a leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

He says he uses the traits learned from those organizations on the football field.

“As a leader you know you can’t take all of the credit for anything and as a lineman you know you’re not going to get much of the credit. You’re going to get a lot of blame, but you just have to know that it’s for the betterment of your team and your team realizes that, but people outside of football do not really know what lineman have to go through,” says Strickland.

In the offseason, Chad competes in shot put and currently holds the 2018 outdoor track and field 7A shot put state title.

After his career in athletics, he wants to stay close to sports as a physical therapist.

“My dad, he’s had multiple surgeries and I’ve went with him to the physical therapist, watched him go through rehab, and it seems like something I’d be interested in doing,” says Strickland.

Congratulations to Chad Strickland of Smiths Station high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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