Judge Denies Road Rage Suspect’s Motion for Immunity

Justin Davidson Charged With Murder for Death of Lorenzo Freeman

An East Alabama Judge shot down a murder suspect’s plea for immunity from prosecution.

Justin Davidson was using Alabama’s version of the stand your ground law to avoid prosecution for the murder of retired MSG Lorenzo Freeman, claiming he was acting in self defense.

A Russell County Judge ruled a jury should decide his fate.

According to court testimony it was Davidson, also a former soldier who fired a 12 gage shotgun killing Lorenzo Freeman Sr. in the parking lot of the Dollar General last January.

Freeman was allegedly coming to the defense of his son after 27 miles of road rage , with Davidson and his wife.

In his request for immunity , Justin Davidson claimed the dead man was the aggressor .

“The court ruled that the evidence says that that’s not true. That he does not qualify under Alabama’s self defense statute to assert immunity, ” Russell County Prosecutor Ken Davis said.

Davidson’s attorney also suggested that a third shooter on the scene that night was responsible for firing the fatal shots but the autopsy showed Freeman died from buckshot wounds.

Davidson was the only one firing a shotgun.

During the immunity hearing the judge wanted to know why that second shooter wasn’t already in jail, charged with murder after admitting his involvement.

“And we expect to make further presentments, evidentiary presentments to that Grand Jury (in May) with regard to this homicide,” Davis said.

Justin Davidson has also made multiple pleas for a lower bail but remains in the Russell County Jail on a half a million dollar bond.

The Russell County District Attorney is now waiting for a trial date.


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