GBI Investigates Invictus Boys Home

Invictus Boys Home Owned by Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman

The GBI is investigating the Invictus Boys home owned by the Muscogee County Marshal.

The Office of the Child Advocate is responsible for independent oversight of the Invictus Boys home and their agency has the authority to request the help of criminal investigators like the GBI.

There are criminal allegations about employees and residents of the Invictus boys home according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations lead agent Fred Wimberly.

Wimberly said it’s their agency’s job to substantiate criminal behavior or activity reported to them.

Greg Countryman, who currently serves as the Muscogee County Marshal , has described the home as his personal ministry,  in a recent broadcast interview.

But in his own text messages obtained exclusively by First News, Countryman refers to the boys home as a ‘factory’ and that a severely autistic resident with the mental capacity of a five year old was to be treated no differently than others including a 17 year old who is registered as an adult sex offender and also resides inside the home.

The text message is one of dozens of exchanges discussing the Invictus boys home and how to handle the children. The correspondence was also sent to state investigators and could have sparked this criminal investigation.

The autistic resident recently spent four days in the Muscogee County Jail after Greg Countryman allegedly told his staff to stay in their own lane and leave the disabled boy incarcerated. 

The child was also a victim of battery in a separate incident that’s cataloged in police reports.

Agent Wimberly said these kinds of criminal investigations can take weeks but because this involves children, it’s considered a high priority and he notes the Georgia Bureau of Investigation acts as a neutral party with no biases or agenda except to investigate the criminal allegations.

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