Sheriff Responds To Violent Jail Fights

Four Inmates Have Eyes Stabbed Since December

Four inmates have been stabbed in the eye in less than two months inside the Muscogee County Jail. Sheriff Donna Tompkins tells First News exclusively the incidents are a direct reflection of what is happening in our own community.

” I mean obviously we see what everyone else sees is that yes we’ve had several of these incidents . You know I don’t know that we have come to an absolute conclusion yet that it’s a particular thing for a gang to do,” Sheriff Tompkins said in a recent interview.

The Sheriff believes all four eye stabbing incidents are in fact gang related including the last attack on February 2nd when an inmate was allegedly blinded by the episode. Sheriff Tompkins would like more cameras, but what about staff?

“You know, would it cut it down? Perhaps. I mean honestly we don’t know um but I will tell you what we do know. During the course of this investigation and it is still under investigation we have had no cooperation from the victim or the witnesses,” the Sheriff said.

Lack of cooperation makes it difficult to reign in the perpetrators.

Sheriff Tompkins scoffed at any suggestion this type of jail house justice is acceptable.

“People don’t lose all of their rights because they are locked up. They may or may not be guilty. That is not for me to decide, nor am I the punisher. You know that is not my job for an inmate to receive some sort of punishment in the jail. We are a temporary pre trial detention facility. We are supposed to be holding you until you’ve had your day in court,” The Sheriff said.

Sheriff Tompkins adds the facility is a collection of some of the most dangerous criminals from the street.

“I have 67 people charged with murder in my jail and we have over 400 verified gang members in this jail so I thing that the things that society is seeing o the street in the community in Columbus, Georgia we are seeing the same thing in the County jail and I don’t take that lightly,” she said.

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