Protestors Turn Heads on Manchester Expressway

Bloodstained Men and Their Friends On Tour in Georgia

The phone here at First News was ringing off the hook. People of all ages were asking what pray tell is this bloody protest all about?

The non profit known as the Bloodstained Men and Their Friends patrolled the Manchester Expressway with their message to end the practice of circumcision.

“We’re here educating people about the harm of infant circumcision. Most of the world does not allow their babies to be cut like this” said the group’s press spokesman Harry Guiremand.

The group calls the procedure traumatic for children, unnecessary and cruel though the press spokesperson acknowledged he was circumcised as a child.

“They cut off part of my penis when I was born and I would never have consented to it,” Guiremand said.

Consent is established law in America for virtually everything else he said, circumcision shouldn’t be the exception.

“Parents should wait till they reach the age of consent. We do that for tattoos so if you want a tattoo you have to wait until you’re 18 then you can get tattoos but parent scan’t tattoo their children,” Guiremand said.

The lead organizer of the Bloodstained Men said the movement is hardly a radical one pointing to a new documentary currently available on Netflix,

“American Circumcision”, he said is another way he says to enlighten the public.

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