Community Comes Together for State Champs


“It’s finished,” is what head coach Jamey DuBose said as he raised Central’s first state championship trophy since 1993.

While the road seemed to be finished there, the journey to raise enough funding for rings had just begun.

“You take the 130 football players, you take the cheerleaders, you take all the coaches, the film crew, the health care academy kids, it was like 200 hundred rings and close to $50,000 and so at first the number was pretty daunting,” says Central high school principal Thomas Vickers. 

What they didn’t anticipate was the wave of support that went beyond just the Phenix City community.

“We more than raised enough money. We used the extra money to help put on this banquet, so that the parents aren’t having to pay for anything at all. People from parts of Georgia, not even Columbus, sending checks. I mean some were as small as $25, best $25 that they gave us, so it was quite rewarding to get it accomplished,” says Vickers. 

When the time came for the players to reveal their rings together, their reactions spoke for itself.

“It’s more than what I expected it to be. I didn’t know it was going to look like this. I mean it looks like they got it straight out of the ice box or something. It’s great,” says Central senior quarterback Peter Parrish. 

“We made a dream come true since we all wanted it three years ago, and we had the opportunity to, and to finally make it happen my last year, it feels great,” says Central senior linebacker Marquez Henry.

“This thing is all about the community. It’s all about our school. It’s all about the players and coaches and everybody that was involved in it, so we want recognition going out properly to those people that had a part in us winning this,” says Central head coach Jamey DuBose. 

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