Chattahoochee Valley Women’s Service League Looking for Members to Join their Movement

Nearly 60 Women in the Greater Valley Area have started the Chattahoochee Valley Women’s Service League.

According to their website, these women are all over 21-years-old and come from all walks of life, putting a large premium on diversity, hoping to draw women from different backgrounds within the Greater Valley Area.

The CVWSL held its first interest group in February of 2018.

Soon after, they registered with the Alabama Secretary of State’s office to become an official organized group in April and then became an official tax exempt agency in May.

The CVWSL has been granted a Junior League chapter, however the process takes approximately two years, meaning the CVWSL will hopefully become a Junior League chapter in 2020.

According to their members, the CVWSL decided to divide into five smaller focus committees, to maximize the strengths and passions of its members.

Each member serves on either Executive, Finance, Communications, Fundraising or Service committees.

The CVWSL meets on the third Tuesdays of each month, usually at Shawmut Nazarene Church in Valley, Alabama.

If you would like to attend a meeting or have any questions about the group, feel free to contact president, Kimberly Carter at 706-590-0291.

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