Domestic Dispute Prompts Deadly Gun Battle

Homicide Victim is Son of Retired School Board Member John Wells

Investigators report it was a domestic dispute that sparked a full on shootout inside this Castlegate Apartment building.

It ended with the death of Columbus native Johnny Wells.

Residents in this Windsor park neighborhood were startled by a barrage of gunfire at midnight.

“At approximately 8 minutes after midnight officers responded to 3700 Bridgewater Road to an apartment complex. Upon arrival they found one individual deceased from gunshot wounds and another individual suffering from gunshot wounds,” Police Major JD Hawk said.

At least twenty 20 shell casings were recovered from the scene according to the coroner’s office.

The homicide victim identified as John Wells Jr and the two men were well acquainted through Wells’ girlfriend.

What exactly prompted the deadly shootout is still under investigation.

Friends and relatives of Johnny Wells appeared on the scene sporadically throughout the day including his dad, John Wells Sr.,

a retired school board member who served the community for nearly three decades.

His family appeared devastated by the shooting.

The young man who survived the shooting is listed in stable condition.  There are no charges pending but Police said the Investigation was early and ongoing.


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