Cooling Weekend

Dry To Wet

A vale of high and mid-level clouds will shroud the sun, making for a milky appearance to the sky on Saturday.   Factor in the fresh cold air in the wake of our most recent cold front, and the end result is a cold start followed by a seasonably chilly afternoon to start off this weekend.

Clouds will lower and thicken Sunday with drizzle breaking out on occasion.   With no sunshine, Sunday will likely be the coldest day out of the next week.

A shift in the wind direction Monday will allow for a milder afternoon, although clouds will continue to dominate the daytime sky.   A shower cannot be ruled out.

Tuesday will remain mild, but a cold front approaching from the northwest will aid in the development of showers and thunderstorms; some of which could be heavy, so caution is advised.

The rest of next week will turn out cooler with some sun Wednesday, then increasing clouds Thursday, followed by rain and thunderstorms Thursday night into Friday.   Have a great weekend, and stay warm.

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