Scholar Athlete of the Week: Calvary Christian’s Ayden King


Ayden King has a 4.2 GPA. He maintains straight A’s while taking three AP Classes and two college level courses.
His key to academic success is pretty simple.

“Studying is very important. I have to dedicate team to each of those classes, especially the higher level classes,” Says Ayden King.

On top of that he’s a part of three different clubs, some of which center themselves around community service projects.

“You need to be well rounded,” Says King. “You need to be able to not only help yourself, but help other people and advance as many of your skills as possible.”

Ayden is also soaking up his last year playing basketball for Calvary Christian school.

“Every time I get ready in the locker room, I think to myself you’re not going to have this game again, you’re not going to be able to play this night ever again,” Says King.

If you can’t tell he’s a leader on his team by now then you would be able to by the way he describes the important parts of a game.

“I’m all about the grind work, some people don’t want to put that work in, don’t want to get hurt, they just want to get the easy stuff. It’s not about the easy stuff, it’s about who’s going to out play you, who’s going to play harder, who’s going to get down and dirty,” Says King.

He s also been accepted to Auburn University where he will be studying premedical sciences.

“It’d be awesome to make a living, diagnosing people, helping people get better, helping them be healthy,” Says King. “That would be another aspect of community service to me.”

Congratulations Ayden King, WLTZ’s Scholar Athlete of the Week

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