Warmth Returns

Showers This Weekend

Jacket weather is still the name of the game headed outdoors for the remainder of Thursday night and early Friday morning.    However, it will not be a cold as more recent nights/mornings.

Sunshine will give way to some clouds Friday, but a change in the wind direction equals a change in the source of our air.   In a nutshell, Friday will be warmer than Thursday.   This weekend will be warmer than Friday.   Early next week will be warmer than this weekend.   So, if you’re a fan of warm weather, start making some outdoor plans.   Just keep in mind that we’ll also have some showers to contend with.   While Groundhog Day, Saturday will likely go off without showers, we will see more clouds.   Showers will dot the landscape Saturday night into Sunday, but it will not be a soaking wet scenario.

While there may be a brief shower early next week, most of our next storm system will likely hold off until the end of next week; giving plenty of time to hit the 70 degree mark for a couple days.   However, as WLTZFirstWeather has been touting, Winter is not dead.   The second half of February will turn out colder again.   Reason enough to take advantage of this next warm spell.

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