Stranger Saves Family In Russell County House Fire


The morning of January 15th started like any normal day for the Kelley family, but it quickly took a turn when Allie and her mom noticed that something wasn’t right in their home.

“Me and my mom were up getting dressed and you could tell something was kind of off”, Said Allie Kelley. “I could hear some noises and something just didn’t sound right so I woke my dad up and from that moment when he got up he could see the flames in the living room. It was chaos from that point on.”

By the time they realized the fire in the living room it was spreading quickly to other parts of the home and the only thing they can do was flea the house.

“If any part of the situation was any different, even 15 minutes different we might not be here, it could’ve been a totally different outcome,” Said Kelley

Thanks in large part to the help of a passing stranger the Kelley family doesn’t have to worry about how costly those 15 minutes could have been.

“This lady that we never even met, I don’t know if she goes down our road on a normal day. She was the one making sure we were all awake. If she didn’t come by, who knows what would’ve happened if she didn’t stop and bang on our door,” Said Kelley.

Their entire home burned to the ground in just under ten minutes. The only thing left was a few pictures and memories that they could grab on their way out.

Their home was entirely gone, but the community surrounding them immediately gave support, starting with a go fund me page that exceeded it’s goal amount in less than 24 hours.

“People just keep giving and keep donating and keep bringing stuff to where we are staying at,” Said Kelley. It’s crazy to think that there are such good people out there.”

The go fund me was started by one of her fellow coaches at Central high school and has raised more than $5,500. It will help the Kelley family build their new home.

As they work on starting over, they’re trying to keep things as normal as possible, but they’re overwhelmed from the support that they are receiving.

“It seriously touches my heart and my parents heart that we can t explain how grateful we are for all the support we’ve had through this whole thing”

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