Winter Respite

Some Weekend H2O

Cold air continues to funnel into the valley under the cover of darkness.

Thursday will start almost as cold as Wednesday morning, but with more sunshine to contend with, the afternoon hours will not be as harsh as recent days.

As the wind changes directions, the source region for our air also changes.   A southerly flow of air from the Gulf of Mexico will lead to more clouds heading into Groundhog Day.  However, a compact storm arriving from the west will likely lead to a few showers.   That first batch of showers is more likely Saturday night and Sunday as opposed to Groundhog Day.   Nonetheless, there will be plenty of warmth building in advance of our next big cold front.   Temperatures will likely take a run into the 70s despite more clouds than sun, and the risk of showers and a thunderstorm around the middle of next week.

Colder weather will filter in late next week, but it’s likely the second half of February that will send us back into the depths of Winter.    So, the groundhog will likely see his shadow, allowing for 6 more weeks of Winter.

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