Country’s Cook Barbecues Bank Account

Carolyn Edmonds Charged with Fraud, Theft by Taking

A Country’s BBQ worker is in jail after court testimony she was prepping more than pork platters.

Scott Ressmeyer, the popular co owner of Country’s BBQ who is well known for his giving spirit told First News he was heartbroken by the alleged theft and that all the employee had to do was ask for help.

Stealing from Country’s BBQ is not the way folks down here like it.

A police detective testified restaurant management was tipped off to some bizarre bank activity after a routine check of their monthly statement revealed the kitchen help was

cooking up a scheme to meet her own personal monthly budget.

“You know you kind of feel bad that employees would go to that kind of I guess stoop I guess, I hate to use word stoop that low but you know for an employee to take the routing numbers off a check and pay their own personal bills with it. Just kinda breaks you heart,” Ressmeyer said.

Investigators noted several “ACH paymentsto a local cable company,  Georgia Power and a rent payment to Johnston Mill Lofts among other charges made to the restaurants bank account,  all to the tune of thousands.

Ressmeyer known for his philanthropic work around town said he wished the employee would have asked for help.

You know there’s never a reason to take. Most employers are very good if you come to them and ask them they’d probably help you out and she just chose to do it the wrong way. Just ask, that’s all you have to do is ask,” Ressmeyer told First News.

Judge Julius Hunter issued bonds for the felony charges but according to jail records, Edmonds remains in the Muscogee County Jail.

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