Arctic Cold Settles In

Warming Late Week

The combination of the sun returning, and a gusty breeze allowed most paved surfaces to dry off earlier Tuesday.   However, isolated patches of black ice are possible as temperatures tumble into the 20s for most areas tonight, and the wind diminishes.    It will not be record cold by any stretch; the record in Columbus is 3 from 1966 to put things in perspective.   However, this is the coldest air since last January!

Sun will be dimmed by high clouds Wednesday as cold weather lingers.    The rebound in the temperature department will start Thursday afternoon under a mostly sunny sky.

Although more clouds will enter the picture this weekend (for Groundhog Day) into early next week, it will turn warmer as the source region for our air changes.   An occasional shower is possible this weekend with more wet weather likely by the middle of next week.   However, no soaking wet weather is expected just yet.    All in all, it’s a small price to get warmer weather back for a few days.   Winter is not dead though, and the groundhog will likely predict 6 more weeks of Winter.   Another shift toward colder weather is likely for the second week of February.    Stay tuned.

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