Cold Mornings This Weekend

Tracking The Next Storm

Cold air reigns supreme; at least during the nights and mornings this weekend.  Some sunshine both days this weekend, although to a lesser extent on Sunday will allow for decent afternoons.

Mild weather makes a cameo Monday.   However, another Arctic cold front approaches Tuesday.   Said front will not only kick up the wind, but push some wet weather and fresh cold air our way.  After a morning high temperature Tuesday, the afternoon will turn out colder.  It may even turn out cold enough for rain showers to end as flurries.  Now, before you hit the panic button, keep in mind that possible changeover would occur before sunset, road surface temperatures would be well above freezing, and there is only limited precipitation associated with this cold front.   The bottom line: DO NOT HIT THE PANIC BUTTON.    If anything, gusty winds that day and night will help dry road surfaces faster than usual.

Winter’s chill will be on tap for the remainder of next week, and weekend, leading into Groundhog Day 2019.    Have a great weekend, and stay tuned.

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