Police Reports Document Abuse at Boys Home

Invictus Wellness Center Owned by Muscogee County Marshal Greg Countryman

The Invictus Transformational Mental Health and Wellness Home has become such a source of controversy here in East Columbus neighbors literally rushed up to our cameras hoping somebody, anybody would pay attention to what is happening here.

“With this home, there’s really not anyone that wants to take responsibility,” Invictus neighbor Dana Smith told First News.

The Boys home first appeared on the public’s radar back in October when Smith and other neighbors near the boy’s home told city councilors their East Columbus neighborhood had gone to hell in a hand basket.

“A lot of times we’ve called the police but the owner of the home being who he is sometimes it’s just a stop and go. There’s never a report filed or anything like that,” Smith said.

What’s going on inside the home equally disturbing according to public documents obtained through an open records request by First News.

Shortly after neighbors expressed concern to city officials, a worker inside the home was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a person in custody.

The alleged sexual assault is one of more than a dozen incidents in official case reports that detail a pattern of abuse including assault, battery and multiple occasions of “missing juveniles”.

There were 26 calls to 911 for help from the home last year.

The latest incident occurred away from the home after a severely autistic boy had a meltdown at Walmart.

The mentally challenged young man was arrested and spent four days in jail.

All of this under the supervision of the Muscogee County Marshal, Greg Countryman.

According to his personal financial disclosure with the Muscogee County Board of Elections, Marshal Countryman is the sole owner and operator of the home.

The Marshal has declined multiple requests, in person and in writing for a response to the controversy.

The severely autistic 17 year old who ended up in jail and at the mercy of the Criminal Justice System was reportedly returned to the home by a state agency despite police reports showing he was twice the victim of an assault in the home.

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