Seale Couple Killed For Beer, Used Car

Suspects Charged With Captial Murder of William Perry, Deborah Peay

A Seale Couple was shot dead for their used Honda and food and beer according to the Russell County Sheriff.

The stunning new details about the double murder were revealed during an afternoon press conference at the Sheriff’s office.

Investigators previously said the couple had been shot and their house intentionally set on fire to destroy evidence.

Deputies arrested two men who lived together in a Fort Mitchell thanks to an anonymous tipster who called the Russell County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller told investigators the suspects wanted for killing William Perry and Deborah Peay were just 15 miles away in a Fort Mitchell trailer park.

Sheriff Heath Taylor told reporters Daryus Sullivan and Joshua Pickard randomly rode up to the couple’s home on their bicycles.

The duo targeted the couple for their 2001 Honda Accord .

“I don’t think that when they left the house, I don’t think this was intended when they left their house. I do think that they intended to do something…but I think whatever clicked in their mind uh it went bad. It sent extremely bad,” Sheriff Taylor told reporters.

Within minutes of the suspects approaching the home last Sunday the couple was shot dead in separate rooms by the strangers and the house was doused with gasoline.

The stolen car was located just a quarter mile away from the crime scene in a vacant home’s closed garage according to the Sheriff.

Their loot included food and cold beverages they raided from the refrigerator.

“…And they killed a man and a woman but they had no idea who they were or anything about them for the theft of their car and a couple of beers out of the refrigerator. I mean it was a, it was a crazy scenario that went sideways,”  Sheriff Taylor said.

Why would somebody go to all that trouble to steal a car?

The Russell County Sheriff indicated the suspects , one of whom was already wanted for aggravated assault ,were likely under the influence at the time of the murders.

“You know there is no telling what they’re taking but if I was a bettin’ man I would say that they were probably on some type of narcotic,” Sheriff Taylor said.

The Russell County District Attorney has already said he will seek death and the suspects are charged with capital murder.

Sullivan and Pickard are currently detained in the Russell County Jail.





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