Scholar Athlete: Columbus High School Wrestler, Robert Mulvany


Robert Mulvany is 28-1 this season as he heads into state dual meets on Thursday. He says a lot of that success can be contributed to the fact that he’s been wrestling since the third grade

“A lot of the positions you get in when you’re wrestling, the experience can help you get out of sticky situations,” Says Mulvany. “If I come into a tough spot with someone who hasn’t been wrestling as long because I know what to do a little bit better just from experience”

That individual success transitioned into team success as the Blue Devils took down one of the areas most dominant teams.

“We’re really happy, we’re really excited. We didn’t expect to beat Cairo. We we’re rally glad, our coaches were really glad when we beat Cairo. It was a big win, we destroyed them,” Said Mulvany. 

As a junior Robert has already settled into a leadership role on his team.

“You have to be likeable, you have to make sure the other teammates like you. You have to be nice and help them out when we need you,” Said Mulvany.

But he’s not just a leader on the mat he’s also a leader among his classmates.

“I’m Junior class president for Columbus high school,” Said Mulvany. “That’s another thing about being a leader, it shows that people can respect you”

On top of wrestling and being class president, Robert is a part of multiple clubs and maintains a GPA above 3.5, in order to do that he relies on his teachers.

“I try to study when I can, but a lot of the times, I‘ll just go to the teachers and figure stuff out as soon as I have trouble so that it’s not a problem and I can study easier. It makes it easier taking tests and doing homework,” Said Mulvany. 

After high school Robert wants to go to Georgia or Georgia Tech, but right now it’s all about soaking up the time he has left in High School with his teammates.

“I got to make sure spend as much time with my teammates, create bonds with them,” Says Mulvany. “I got to give practice everything I can for these next two years”

Congratulations Robert Mulvany WLTZ’s scholar athlete of the week!

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