Cell Phone Ignites Deadly Father, Son New Year’s Day Dispute

Antonio Evans Charged With Murder of Alfonzo Walker

Investigators believe a cell phone ignited the deadly dispute between a Columbus man and his son New Year’s Day.

Alfonzo Walker was allegedly shot dead by his son at the Hannah Heights Apartment Complex in South Columbus.

The pair had reportedly been clubbing together to ring in the New Year just prior to the shooting.

Antonio Evans is facing a single count of murder for the death of his dad.

Evans did not appear in front of the judge during his first scheduled appearance Thursday.

A Public Defender appeared on the suspect’s behalf and waived the preliminary hearing instead as family members looked on in the court gallery.

The victim’s sister said her brother , 51 year old Alfonzo Walker was just released after nearly a decade in prison and the family wasted no time getting reacquainted.

“Yes, yes. He was just reunited with his family and him and his son were getting along and they never had no problem. Never, they always got a long with each other so what made him do that, I can’t even tell you” the victim’s sister Dorothy James told First News.

Detectives did not reveal what exactly was on the cell phone that sparked the sudden rage or who the phone belonged to at the time of the shooting.

The incident took place at the apartment of the mother of the victim, grandmother of the accused and the family appeared stunned, struggling to make sense of the murder.

“We’re gonna try to keep it in our prayers and we’ve just got to move forward. We’ve just got to be there for each other,” James said.

After the preliminary hearing was waived the Judge bound the case over to Superior Court.

For now, Antonio Evans will remain in the Muscogee County Jail without bond.

A Superior Court Judge will determine if bond is appropriate in this case.

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