Valley Man Arrested for Shooting & Killing 29-year-old Stuck in Mud in Front of His House

A Valley, Alabama man was arrested for shooting and killing a 29-year-old who was stuck in the mud in front of his house.

Valley police arrived to 50-year-old Patrick Templeton’s house at 1046 County Road 495 around 1:40 a.m.

Templeton told police he heard a loud noise and found 29-year-old Justin Meadows had driven into his yard and got stuck in the mud.

Templeton then told police he confronted Meadows, they started arguing, an altercation broke out and Templeton was struck in the face and head several times.

Templeton then went into his house and grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and began shooting at Meadows.

Officers were told that Meadows came to the house looking for Templeton’s stepson. Templeton’s wife then told Meadows that he was not there and when Meadows tried to leave, his vehicle got stuck in the mud.

Templeton was arrested and charged with murder. He is in the Chambers County Detention Facility pending a bond hearing.

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