Damp Start To 2019

Fog And Heavy Rain Return This Week

Showers will dot the landscape for New Year’s revelers, but let that not be a deterrent to having a good time.  It will not be a foggy mess last the previous night.   Warmth and humidity will be the mainstay for the next few days as well.

Showers will likely be fairly meager throughout New Years Day.    However, more fog is expected later Tuesday night into Wednesday with drizzle once again setting the stage.   No heavy rain is expected for the next couple days.   However, that may very well change with our next storm system arriving from the Inter-Mountain West later this week.    While it may shower at anytime Thursday, pockets of heavy rain with thunderstorms will impact the region later Thursday into Friday morning.   A gusty wind throughout Friday will help wisk away the wet weather, and allow for the return of some sun.   However, it will be turning somewhat chillier during the day, and certainly colder at night.

Sunshine this weekend will be plentiful with chilly starts giving way to nice afternoons.    The next storm may hold off until late Tuesday or Tuesday night.   Stay tuned, stay safe and happy 2019!!!

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