Scholar Athlete: Callaway High School Swim, Alexa Rogers

Callaway high school season swimmer Alexa Rogers is used to facing adversity.

“Before that, I did gymnastics and then that place closed, and so I always liked being in the water, so I just tried it and I loved it,” says Rogers.

Alexa went on to compete at the varsity level in high school and once again hit a road block.

The team was left without a coach leaving the team’s eligibility on the line.

Alexa found a teacher at Callaway to volunteer putting the team back on its feet, the work’s not done there though.

“I think it’s a lot harder than people think, because everybody swim’s over the summer, but it’s different when you’re actually doing laps,” says Rogers.

Outside of swim, Alexa is in 3 AP classes, is a member of student council, all while maintaining a 4.23 GPA.

“It’s pretty hard because I do have a lot of AP classes, but I’ve just had to learn how to manage my time, and know that if I have something to do, then I need to get it done,” says Rogers.

After high school Alexa plans to study bioengineering in college.

“It’s a mixture of agriculture and engineering, so it’s agriculture based but it’s more in the math and science part of it,” says Rogers.

Congratulations to Alexa Rogers of Callaway high school, this week’s WLTZ Scholar Athlete.

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