“The Man with the Only Office on the Field”


If you’ve worked on the sidelines at Auburn football home games, or are on the sidelines when you’re not supposed to be, you probably know who Roy Parker is.

“I guess I’m a wannabe jock,” says Auburn athletics volunteer Roy Parker.

Roy always liked to be around sports and when he retired from working in insurance he set out to get back to that.

“My son was a manager on the football team and David Housel asked me about running the sidelines. He had a guy that had been doing it for 25 years, a methodist minister here in town, and he was ready to stop and he told me he had seen me on the sidelines some and he told me that he wanted me to keep people like me off of the sidelines,” says Roy.

It’s been 30 years since Roy took the volunteer job and through that time he has only missed one home game.

He has been with 6 different head football coaches and has witnessed many defining moments at Jordan-Hare stadium.

“When you’re winning, there’s a lot more people on the sidelines, and when you’re losing, there’s not as many and every now and then an unruly fan will get out. I know one year me and another guy separated the Arkansas Razorback and Aubie from getting together a little bit,” says Roy.

This past spring, defensive coordinator Kevin Steele honored Roy by dedicating the newcomer of the year award in his name.

Employees that have worked alongside Roy describe him to have a servant’s heart, a welcoming face to former and current players, and a true Auburn man.

“And it’s true. I am an Auburn man. I tell people that like here at Christmas you had to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and Jimmy Stewart had to have a dream to know what he had. It’s a labor of love for me to be there,” says Roy.

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