Your Christmas-Cast

Stormy Run Later In The Week

All is quiet, weather-wise, headed into Christmas Day.   Feel free to travel to and from Grandma’s house; the only thing needed will be a pair of shades.

A chilly start Christmas Day will make way for a spectacular afternoon.   Meanwhile, a large storm is strengthening along the West Coast.    This storm will begin to bring some clouds into the valley at midweek, then the first wave of showers come Thursday.

This next storm will actually attack in waves, eventually leading to flooding in parts of the area; perhaps even a round of severe storms.    That risk of nasty storms will arrive Friday before giving way to a bit of a lull to start this weekend.    Regardless as to how long there may be a lull, additional waves of rain will return to the region later in the weekend as well as early next week.   As for now, that puts the New Year’s Eve festivities on guard for wet weather.   Stay tuned, stay safe, and Merry Christmas!

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