Temp Behavior & The Risk Of Rain For The Holiday Season

Timing The Next Storm

Sunshine will be on the increase early this weekend, so the cold starts will give way to milder afternoons.   All this will take place in advance of our latest cool front.   Now, this next front will not be able to tap into the Gulf of Mexico, and is relatively weak.   Therefore, limited wet weather is expected with this feature later Sunday or Sunday evening.

Barring a stall tactic from this weak cool front, some sun will be back early next week for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Mild afternoons will continue to be had with most days featuring daytime high temperatures in the 60s.

Meanwhile, a large storm moving away from the Gulf of Alaska will arrive in the West.    The cycle of late-week storms will unfortunately continue.    This storm will come at us in successive waves, and will be able to tap into the rich moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.   The end result will be periods of rain, some heavy, along with some thunderstorms and the potential for flooding in areas of poor drainage.

If the holidays find you traveling to a different part of our nation, check out the weather travel maps and have a happy, safe holiday season!

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