Launch Columbus Opens Ninja Course to Promote the Sport


You might recognize this athlete. Two months ago we introduced Jordan Watson who competed on American Ninja Warrior Junior.

Today she’s getting to test her skills at the new ninja center right here in Columbus at Launch Trampoline Parks.

“We started seeing the growth of the ninja community and we decided we need to be in front of it and we wanted to give these guys who are into it a chance to do something like this in our parks,” says Launch Columbus general manager Jonathan Pfeiffer.

Also testing out the new course was Amercian Ninja Warrior Nic Steinhaus.

“I think they have a lot of different levels of difficulty, because you can start with the far left course it is a little bit easier one and then you can progress through them and each of them have different little caveats to them to make it harder or easier so I think it gives you room to progress and room to just have fun as well,” says Amercian Ninja Warrior Nic Steinhaus.

“We’ve been having to go to Atlanta for so long so having this here is an awesome experience because we don’t have to drive three hours to get to Atlanta to train,” says Amercian Ninja Warrior Jordan Watson.

Launch has put a lot of time and money into ensuring that the course allows athletes to be challenged and also to be as safe as possible.

“We do have a 4 foot minimum height requirement. We have an air bag landing system from I2K air pads, outside of that it is a ninja course. Certainly this is a possibly for injury, although we hope that never happens, but you’re talking about really working out some muscles,” says Pfeiffer.

The course is now open to the public and the sport ninja has even been announced to be a part of the States Games of America for 2019.

“I just hope that it continues to grow and lots of kids start loving it and it just explodes,” says Watson.

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