Realtor Recovering After Robbery, Stabbing

Police Major Attending Same Function Administers First Aid

A popular realtor is recovering after being robbed and stabbed repeatedly.

Dan Parker was coming out of the Rosehill Seafood Restaurant when the suspect approached him on foot and stabbed him multiple times.

Blood splatters are still fresh on the front row of the parking lot show the trail where Dan Parker was stabbed repeatedly and stumbled into his car.

The suspect, described as a black male in his mid forties fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Back inside the restaurant Police Major JD Hawk happened to be attending the same private function, noticed the commotion and immediately responded to the parking lot

where he tended to the injured realtor until paramedics arrived.

“Well I’m sure it’s quite comforting to have somebody immediately administer First Aid and you know help you get out of a situation,” Lt Ralph Dowe said.

Detectives declined to elaborate on Dan Parker’s injuries citing an ongoing investigation.

The suspect, still at large is facing multiple charges in connection to the incident including aggravated assault with a knife or cutting tool and robbery.

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