Local Voters Flock to Polls for Runoff

Secretary of State, Public Service Commissioner on The Ballot in Georgia

Local voters head back to the polls for a December runoff and statewide showdown for Georgia’s Secretary of State.

The race for Georgia’s Secretary of State and Public Service Commissioner not normally a barn burner but voter turnout for the runoff is up too here in Muscogee County.

Well the voter turnout, all of 18 it’s like an anomaly it really is. This is not how a midterm election ususally goes. It’s usually you know nonchalant but this year it has been great. It really , really has. People have come out an voted,” Elections Official Jeanette James said.

The contentious Governor’s race she said brought the people to the ballot box and Brian Kemp’s potential replacement is luring them back.

“I really didn’t like how things were going with uh Kemp and how they did Stacey Abrams so I had to get out here and vote this time,” voter Cimika Stokes said.

Whatever the reason the voters returned, they flocked to the city service center too confused about where to go but determined to cast their ballot.

Well, it’s a lot of confusion because we thought we voted where we did the pre vote but I’m here disappointed but I’m not gonna give up. I know where to go now so I’m headed over to Our Lady of Lords to cast my vote,” Era Mae Patrick said.

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