Winter’s Return

Weekend Storm

Call it inopportune timing, but there is more cold air this week followed by stormy weather for the weekend.

Sunshine over the next couple of days will do no justice as fresh cold air arrives from Canada.    Meanwhile, a large storm off the coast of California is strengthening.  This storm will eventually break loose, and move to the Gulf Coast just in time for the weekend.   A storm track to our south allows the weather to turn even colder without the sun, and more rain.    Factor in gusty winds over 20 mph, and the recipe for a raw, nasty weekend is complete.    Most of the rain will occur later Friday night through Saturday.   Nonetheless, if moisture can linger through Sunday night, and perhaps Monday night, a flurry is not out of the realm of possibilities.    Now, before you hit the panic button, temperatures will likely be above freezing and road surfaces would only be wet.    Stay tuned, and stay warm.

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