Scholar Athlete: Glenwood School, Morgan Grant

Senior leadership has always been a key component on the Glenwood girls basketball team.

Last year, Quan Holton was known as that leader, and has now passed on the title to Morgan Grant.

“I’ve always looked up to her and I knew that this year I would have to take on that role and become the new Quan and so I want my players to look at me as there teammate, but I want them to also know that like they can come to me if they need something,” says Glenwood senior Morgan Grant.

That leadership translates to the volleyball court and on the softball field for Morgan who is a three sport athlete.

“It’s very busy. I never stop, so like I go straight to school, and then I go to practice, and then I also live an hour from here, so I go back and forth,” says Grant.

Not only is her schedule busy year round with athletics, but also as a 4.57 GPA student.

“It’s hard because right now i’m taking three DE classes and so I’m taking calculus, stats, and english so if I’m not playing sports then I’m usually doing school work,” says Grant.

For her senior season, Morgan has one ultimate goal, to hang up another banner.

“I want a state championship because everyone is doubting us because it’s so much different than it’s ever been here so everyone kind of expects us to lose and so I want to show people that we can win and come over that,” says Grant.

Congratulations to Morgan Grant of Glenwood school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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