Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holiday shopping season is upon and us and the Lanett Police Department is reminding their community to use common sense to prevent thefts.

“We want to make sure everyone knows we are there and we have a pretty heavy present,” said Richard Casner, Patrol Commander for the Lanett Police Department.

Lanett police will be upping patrol as shopping picks up this month.

Patrolling retail parking lots, plazas and shopping centers.

They’ll also be on foot walking through businesses and shops.

“Thieves are opportunists. They’re not going to do something if there’s resistance in the way,” said Casner.

Lanett police want shoppers to be aware of their surroundings.

Shop in the daylight if you can, bring a friend or family member, and park in well lit areas.

Also, while bouncing from shop to shop, do not leave your new merchandise in your car.

“If you are going to multiple retail shops and you have multiple bags, don’t leave them in the backseat of your car. Make sure to put them in the trunk,” said Casner.

And always make sure your cars are locked.

“If they flip a car handle, it looks like someone is getting in their car. And by the time anyone notices they are long gone,” said Casner.

After Christmas, if you get a new TV, gaming system that comes in a box, do not just leave that outside for the trash. Burglars will see that. So,cut up those boxes and stuff them into black garbage bags before putting them out for collection.

Police said follow these tips to ensure you stay protected from thieves this holiday season.

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