Former Glenwood Football Star Critically Injured Helping Motorist

Quandarius Holt Hit By 18 Wheeler Pushing Vehicle Off JR Allen Highway

A former Glenwood football star was critically injured helping a woman with a flat tire.

Friends and family tell First News Quandarius Holt wouldn’t hesitate to help somebody in need and they weren’t surprised to hear the former Glenwood athlete didn’t flinch before jumping out of the car to help a stranded 61 year old woman on the highway.

Holt was traveling to work with his girlfriend before just before dawn Monday November 19th.

As he approached the I-185 Interchange on JR Allen Parkway they noticed a woman with a flat tire blocking two lanes of traffic.

“You know stopping on a road like that she realized the hazards probably faster than he did but I know Quan. I know that as soon as he saw somebody was in need like that he stopped an she said he didn’t really say anything . He just stopped the car and got out because he wanted to help,” Steven Blocker said.  Blocker was Holt’s football teammate and college roommate.

According to the accident report seconds later while pushing the car an 18 wheeler abruptly changed lanes and struck the good Samaritan who was trying to help.

“We were shocked that he was alive honestly. To make it he really was blessed because I know not too many people make it out of stuff like that. To actually get hit by a vehicle that size,” Blocker said.

Alive but with life altering injuries, Holt has endured three surgeries and doctors had to amputate his left leg.

The former star athlete is currently in a medically induced coma and has no idea about the extent of his injuries.

“Yeah, we believe that’s probably going to be the toughest thing just coming from his background and that he’s always been an athlete um tremendous athlete. He’s always doing um whether it’s working out playing football he’s always doing something athletically. I believe it would be tough for anybody but I believe it will be especially tough for someone like him knowing that sports was such a big part of his life,” his former teammate said.

Asked what the community can do to help , the 21 year old’s mom tells us they welcome prayers.

Prayers help and prayers heal she said.


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