Appalachian Trail Conservation

For more than half a century, The Federal Land and Water Conservation fund has been supporting the purchase of land for public ownership and recreational access. But Congress let the funds expire in September of 2018, and conservationists are trying to get it back.

Hikers in North Carolina are on the Appalachian Trail that stretches for more than 2,000 miles from Georgia To Maine. Nearly all of it on Public Land. When they see a need, Conservation Groups will buy land that might otherwise be developed.

Conservation Groups, and Local and State Governments, have been able to do this because the money they need to buy land for public ownership and recreational access has been provided by the land and water conservation fund.

Using royalties from off shore oil and gas leasing. For more than 50 years the fund has been the most important source of financial support, at no cost to taxpayers, for thousands of public land projects across the country.

Conservationists are campaigning to persuade Congress to fully and permanently reauthorize the program. Including much of the Appalachian trail.

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