Suspect Vehicle Linked to Double Murder Located

Father, Baby Seen Leaving Victory Drive Motel With Suspected Killer

The suspect vehicle wanted in connection with a double murder has been located.

Police Major JD Hawk tells First News that white Ford truck they found here on Henry Avenue is the exact same one Joseph Banks and his three year old baby were last seen climbing into shortly before were found brutally gunned down.

Investigators found the suspect vehicle in Midtown Columbus thanks to the community’s help and have since spent the day combing the truck for forensic evidence. The suspect reportedly picked up JoJo Banks and his baby at a Victory Drive Motel hours before both were found dead a short distance away.

Police are still reluctant to say if the victims actually knew their killer.

“People will get in the car with strangers all the time. I mean it happens everyday. We can’t rule it out or we can’t confirm whether they knew each other or not.” Major Hawk said.

Meanwhile the tips are pouring in possibly he said because of the heinous nature of the crime.

“Actually I’m happy with the response we have gotten from the Community. People are calling in a lot of things. I even got telephone calls on the crime scene while I was there that were passed on from people in the public which is refreshing to us because you’ve heard me talk about the public needs to help and they are helping,” Major Hawk said.

And he hopes the public will continue to assist police confident with the people’s help they will bring this cold blooded killer to justice.

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