Keeping Your Pets Safe & Protected During this Cold Weather

Cold temperatures mean our four legged friends need warmth and shelter as well.

“If you’re cold, they’re cold, so bring them inside. I know a lot of people think my dog has a lot of fur, but there are only a few cold weather breeds that can adapt,” said Mary Wynne-Kling, with the Lee County Humane Society.

If your dog is strictly an outdoor dog, then you need to provide them a dog house that’s insulated.

And before leaving for work or taking the kids to school in the morning, bang on your car to make sure there are no stray cats hiding inside.

“Tap on the hood of your car firmly before you start it first thing in the morning, that will scare any stray cats that decided to take refuge there and get them out before you start your car in the morning,” said Wynne-Kling.

We already know in the Summer we should not leave our dogs in the car. It goes for the same in cold weather too. It poses a serious threat to your pet’s health.

“Your car gets very cold, very quickly and you don’t want to leave your pet in that vehicle when it’s cold as well,” said Wynne-Kling.

Check your dog’s paws for signs of cold weather injury or damage from frozen or cold sidewalks. The cold weather can cause cracked paw pads and bleeding.

Also, if your dog has a short coat or doesn’t like the cold weather, look into getting them a sweater or dog coat.

And if your pet is whining, shivering, seems anxious or weak and is slow moving, get them inside immediately because this can be a sign of hypothermia. If you think it’s hypothermia, call your vet.

So, remember these tips to keep your pets safe and warm as we head into the winter months.

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