Officer Recovering After Thanksgiving Crash

Driver Ticketed For Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

A Columbus Police cruiser was destroyed and the officer driving it was sent to the hospital after a Thanksgiving day crash.

The incident happened here at one of the busiest intersections in Columbus at Veterans Parkway and Whittlesey Boulevard.

That police officer was responding to an emergency call right when the holiday shopping rush started just after 4 pm.

Another driver approaching the intersection failed to yield to the patrol car according to an official accident report.

Officer Danielle Smith was responding to a reported overdose at a North Columbus apartment complex when she approached the intersection.

She reported her lights were activated and sirens blaring.

Lakeisha Johnson was driving a white Nissan Altima and told investigators she didn’t see the lights or hear the siren and continued through a green light when she collided with the police cruiser.

Eight eye witnesses reported to police that Officer Smith had her emergency lights activated , three of those witnesses were certain they heard the siren.

Multiple cars suffered significant damage and at least two drivers were sent to the hospital.

According to the report, Officer Smith suffered a cervical spine fracture and laceration to the back of her head.

She is at home recovering after spending a day in the hospital.

The Columbus Police Department urges drivers to turn down the radio , stay alert on the road and if you hear a siren check your surroundings and proceed with caution.

The driver at fault was cited for disregarding the police and failure to yield right of way.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles , the penalty for that is 175 dollars.

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