No Office Christmas Parties

Could a recent movement be one of the causes?

With a strong economy, it’s surprising to hear a lot of American companies are not having holiday office parties this year.

But experts say it has more to do with a movement than economic conditions.

NBC’s Chris Clackum has the more.


Many find what was comically portrayed in the movie “Office Christmas Party” not so funny anymore.

In fact, for hundreds of companies, the office party is off the schedule this holiday.

“Surprisingly, only 65% of companies we surveyed are planning to have a holiday party this year.”

The survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas also concludes the party cancellations can’t be blamed on the economy.

“Yea, with 3.7% unemployment, this is typically an environment where we would see companies spending lavishly on holiday parties.”

VP Andy Challenger says it’s the “Me Too” movement that grew out of the nationwide sexual misconduct scandal that’s putting the kibosh on so many office holiday parties.

“Certainly, companies are worried about potential lawsuits stemming from inappropriate behavior that happens typically at holiday parties after hours when there’s alcohol flowing.”

If not cancelling, companies are limiting or eliminating alcohol served at annual office holiday parties.

Chris Clackum, NBC News.