Harris County Senior Part of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Among the many in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade last Thursday was a local student from Harris County High School.

Hannah Marston has prepared most of her young life to be accepted as a member of the Macy’s “Great American Marching Band.”

“I came across this website where I could submit a video of me playing and marching,” Hannah said, “so I went and prepared a [piece] on my clarinet. I submitted that, and I was accepted into the 92nd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

“We’re all super excited about it, really thrilled, very proud of her,” said Hannah’s mother, Ashley. “Music is her passion. She loves it. This is something she’s always wanted to do.”

The accomplishment is not just an honor but an indication of how hard Hannah has worked.

“I’ve been teaching Hannah Marston since she was an 8th grader,” said Harris County band director Miranda Carlsen. “My first encounter with her was giving her all 12 major scales that were coming up for a placement audition. When she came back to me two days later, she could play all of them because she practiced all of them over the course of the two days and mastered them.”

Hannah’s hard work allowed her to be part of a spectacle viewed by over 50 million people on an annual basis on Thanksgiving Day.

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