Scholar Athlete: Schley County, Archer Hathaway

Schley County junior offensive lineman, Archer Hathaway is leading on the football field as a captain and also leading in the classroom with a 4.0 GPA.

“Always studying, always taking notes, always paying attention in class and being focused and I play basketball and track throughout the year too, so I’m always busy and I’ve learned to balance with that,” says Hathaway.

He say’s its difficult managing his time, but that the grades have always come easy to him. It also helps that both his parents are there at school to motivate him to do well.

“My mom and dad are educators here at Schley County. My mom is a chemistry teacher and my dad is a superintendent, so I’ve always been brought up to know that education is very important, that you’re a student athlete, student first, athlete comes second,” says Hathaway.

Archer has aspirations to play football in college and he knows in order to get recruited he has to stay eligible, although Archer doesn’t just want to be eligible to play, he wants his grades to stand out to college recruits.

“To be eligible you have to have a 2.5 and so that’s just another part of it, but the higher your grades are, the more people are going to look at you, because not only can you provide for the team physically, but you can also provide for the team educationally,” says Hathaway.

His grades and performance on the field aren’t the only thing thats standing out, his recent post on twitter has reached almost 2,000 views.

“Only two people on the team right now are benching 315, me and our right guard Brandon Collins, but 315 is a lot of weight to be bench pressing and it’s always that big milestone whenever you’re talking about bench press is getting to 315 is a big deal,” says Hathaway.

Congratulations to Archer Hathaway of Schley County high school, this week’s WLTZ scholar athlete.

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