Lawsuit: Police Shooting “Shocks the Conscience”

Former Prosecutor Files Civil Lawsuit on Behalf of Redwine Passenger

A second federal lawsuit has been filed against the City of Columbus, former police officer Allan Brown, and Police Chief Ricky Boren.

The lawsuit stems from a high speed chase across state lines involving Officer Brown and three teenagers that ended in a barrage of gunfire and the teen driver dead.

According to the complaint , multiple police officers knew exactly who they were chasing that early November morning two years ago.

The driver of the reported stolen car was a Columbus teenager who took his Grandparent’s car without permission and Officer Allan Brown displayed “conscience shocking conduct” when he unloaded 21 bullets on the teen driver and his two passengers.

The latest civil lawsuit filed in federal court on behalf of Hannah Wuenschel reveals the former officer was at police headquarters when he responded to the police pursuit of Christian Redwine already in progress.

Officer Brown is picked up on his own dash cam video telling the officers to let him handle it.

“Let me come around.”

“The pursuit policy is pretty clear that uh the people that are assigned to the pursuit are the ones that should be continuing the pursuit not somebody that just comes in to it on their own volition,” Mark Post said.

The attorney said Christian Redwine was driving on a suspended license and didn’t want to go to jail so he fled over a hundred miles an hour and over the objections of his two passengers who were pleading with him to stop.

“Obviously my client Hannah wanted him to stop and was scared to death,” attorney Post said.

The police officer said he feared for his life when the vehicle spun in reverse so he unloaded his service weapon, stopped and reloaded , striking all three teens.

Christian Redwine was dead on the scene.

“My immediate response was holy cow what in the world when you see somebody shoot into a vehicle then take time to stop and reload another magazine and shoot another 10 times into a car that had already been stopped and disabled,” Post said.

The attorney representing Hannah Wuenschel says the evidence doesn’t support the officer’s narrative.

“Obviously he just shot three people and Officer Brown had to say something. I don’t believe that the evidence is going to support his version of events,” Post said.

Because the police already knew the identity of the driver and where to find him later, the use of deadly force is another violation of policy according to the lawsuit.

“Obviously the kid was going to return home. He was living with the grandfather and all you had to do was wait and the car would be back and you could arrest the child then”, the attorney said.

Attorney Mark Post is also a former prosecutor who spent many years working side by side with law enforcement.

This particular incident aside from the legal ramifications he said bluntly gives good police officers a bad name.


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