Rep. Mike Rogers & Mallory Hagan Reflect on Outcome of District 3 Race

16 year incumbent, Republican Mike Rogers defeats Democratic challenger Mallory Hagan to retain his U.S. Congressional seat in Alabama’s 3rd district.

Hagan, upbeat about the experience and the process of running.

“While we didn’t win, what we’ve seen is people who’ve come together who are ready to take on the fight. We need to continue to push our state forward,” said Hagan.

But, after snagging only 36% of the vote, she pointed her finger at her own party in the aftermath of the defeat.

Hagan said Democratic party chairs did not adequately back her and other candidates.

“What we need to see is new leadership in our party. There are young, progressive, amazing candidates who ran who we’ve never seen before and unfortunately what we saw is all of them fall short. Something tells me there’s something wrong with that picture,” said Hagan.

Rogers thanked all the support he got from across East Alabama and said he’s ready to get back to work.

“When I saw the turnout was so high across our congressional district, it was reassuring that people recognize that you don’t cheap the kind of country you want by staying home. You have to go out and earn the leadership you want. If you like the government you got then you have to get out and let people know it matters and they did yesterday,” said Rep. Rogers.

Rogers said the huge margin of his win shows voters are confident in his work for Alabama’s 3rd Congressional district.

“64% of the vote margin is huge. I am humbled by the fact that they want me to be their voice in Washington for a 9th term. I’m very grateful and I appreciate it more than people know,” said Rogers.

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