Mallory Hagan Reflects Back on Her Political Journey

Friends, family and supporters of Mallory Hagan gathered together to watch the numbers roll in for the seat to represent Alabama’s 3rd District.

Hagan left WLTZ in January to start her political path. Looking back she said she’s grateful for all the people who encouraged her to run.

“They’ve wrapped their arms around me. We’ve galvanized people and motivated them. I think what’s happening here, we’re going to be proud of,” said Hagan.

Voter turnout in this midterm election was through the roof.

Hagan said she was excited to even be apart of this election season.

“I was getting pictures of lines of cars outside the polls. It’s never taken me more than three minutes to vote and today I was pleased to see people exercise their right to vote,” said Hagan.

Since her announcement, she thanks all of those who’ve supported her her during this journey.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and my state and how to make the world a better place and lead with gratitude and a desire to learn,” said Hagan.

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