Thousands of East Alabama Voters Turnout for Midterm Election

The polls were packed and traffic was backed up as East Alabamians came out to cast their vote.

At the Dean Rd. location in Auburn, more than 1400 voters showed up before noon.

But, poll workers said they expect more than 4,000 voters at that location by the end of the day.

And of course poll workers said this is one of the biggest turnouts they’ve seen in awhile.

Lee County expects about a 40% voter turnout rate Tuesday.

But, what was surprising to many poll workers was the amount of young voters who came out.

One young voter said she came out to vote because she wants to see change.

She adds millennial voices are important to be heard because they will soon be taking over those positions and as a whole they need to care about what’s going on in our political world.

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