Candidates Fly In to House Divided at Columbus Airport

Brian Kemp: "I Didn't Say They Hacked The System"

Political Candidates fly in to a house divided thanks to mother nature and low visibility this morning.

It was a rare, awkward moment here at the Columbus Airport and a little bit comical after a scheduling conflict brought out heavyweight from both political parties forced to mingle on the fly.

“Republicans in here first…Democrats back this way”

With that the parties departed to their respective corners and Republican Brian Kemp was first to hit the tarmac fresh off his bombshell announcement the Democratic Party was under investigation for allegedly hacking voter registrations a claim he appeared to back track on.

(Reporter Nat) “You said that the Democrats hacked the system can you tell me…”

“No, I didn’t say they hacked the system. I can’t get into the specifics of the investigation. That’s exactly why I’ve called the FBI, the GBI, and Homeland Security. They’re looking into the matter. We’ll have more information when we get it, ” Brian Kemp told First News.

With the battle lines drawn in this high stakes midterm, Teresa Tomlinson ditched her role as the non partisan mayor of Columbus and the gloves came off.

“This is a 60% blue County. Sometimes people forget that,” Tomlinson told the Democrats gathered.

John Barrow, the Democrat hoping to replace Kemp as Secretary of State told the crowd voters agree on one issue, the people are tired of the partisan bickering.

And then came the real shock and awe, courtesy Charlie Bailey candidate for Attorney General

“And I’m gonna say something in politics that’s not often said these days. My opponent’s a nice guy. My father supports Donald Trump as we stand here right now you know and people can love each other and they can care about each other ; they can care about their neighbor and not agree on everything politically,” Bailey said.

With less than 24 hours to go before the big day those sentiments that we can still love each other despite our political differences could easily be the most cordial thing you hear all week.


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